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New Lunch Schedules!

Lunch Schedules are based on the students 3rd period teacher

Lehi Junior Presents…


These donations and many others are now in California! Thank you so much for all of your support in this event! Mrs. Gurney secured space in the warehouses a month ago just for all of these donations! We appreciate all the loving support that we received this year as we reached out to our neighbors in California!

Fine Arts Seasonal Performance

Helping California!!!

Lehi Junior High will be gathering the following items to send to California on December 6th. Please bring the donations to Lehi Junior’s Student center. Our Librarian, B.J. Gurney is from Paradise, California and will be taking a moving truck full of the donations to those California on the weekend of December 6th. The following message is from Mrs. Gurney:
Friends I need your help. My school and my family are doing a fundraiser for my hometown of Paradise. Over 9,700 families (Kurt and mine included) have lost their homes. They have only what they threw in their car as they escaped the flames. Donation centers have told me that they are only collecting NEW items at this point. You will find a list of some of the items they are in need of. We are wanting to bring some toys to help the kids celebrate Christmas but we also want to bring some supplies for when these families move into their temporary homes. They have nothing to start life in their temporary home. A lot of these families were renters and didn’t have insurance. Please help however you can. If you have a business or know of one that would like to donate please let me know. All donations must be collected by Dec. 6th. Let’s show the town of Paradise how much Utah cares about them. Thank you.
*Gift Cards
*Toys for Christmas
*Household items for when the move into a new place (they have nothing) towels, pot holders, kitchen towels, measuring cups, bowls, whisks, pots N pans, toasters, mixers, coffee pots, can opener anything for the kitchen
*New bath towels
*New pillows
*New underwear mainly adults
*Sheet sets
*New shoes (all sizes)
*Paper plates
*Laundry detergent
*Trash bags
*Dog food
*Cat food/kitty litter
*Non perishable food
*Warm hats
*Feminine Hygiene
*Duffel Bags

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