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We will NOT be feeding every student free meals this year, 2022-23.  Parents will need to fill out a free and reduced application if they want to qualify for free or reduced priced meals.


Students may purchase a second slice of pizza for $2.00. Students will need to pay $3.85 for a second lunch, a second breakfast is $1.65.  Adults who would like to purchase a meal will be charged $3.85 for lunch and $1.65 for breakfast.

Payment can be made on as well as in person in the lunchroom.


Students need to know their student ID number and have their student activity card ready to scan at the computer to pick up a school meal.

Students are to wait their turn – stand in line.

Only food and food containers on the tables.

All garbage should be placed (by it’s rightful owner) inside the available garbage cans located in and around the Cafeteria and Patio eating areas.


No running